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How should you Choose the Best Domain Name for your Newly Launched Website?

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Best Book Domain Name

The domain name is the identification technique of a website on the Internet. A domain name is useful in various networking contexts and for specific addressing purposes. A domain name identifies the network domain and represents an internet protocol or IP. A personal computer has its unique identification over the Internet by its unique IP, same as a website has its unique identification in the form of a domain name. Book Domain Name search over the various domain registrars is the most vital task for website makers. A person or company who is responsible for domain name registration is known as a domain registrar. The company that wants the domain registration is known as a registrant.

Process of Choosing a Domain Name

Domain names are formulated by the rules of the domain name system or DNS. The process of DNS undergoes the domain name registration process. The first level of the DNS is TLDs or top-level domains that include popular domain names such as .com, .net, .org, .edu. Another form of the domain name is country code top-level domains or ccTLDs. Among these DNS domain, name end users can buy any of the domain names from the domain registrar that is restricted by ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. To check domain availability on the registrar website, visit the website. DNS-approved domain name is acceptable in internet users.

Things to Consider for Original Domain Registrar

  1. At first, ensure about the domain registrar rules and regulations because unfaithful and false domain registrar can hack your website IP without your permission and knowledge.
  2. Check website domain registration’s law enforcement policy for any type of legal performance.
  3. Consult with your registrar about the service process when they have to face any legal process, and ensure service process at that time.
  4. Do not use the domain registration process where you cannot see your website name on the domain registrant information.

Domain Name Registration Process of Onlive Server

The domain registration process between the Onlive server and the client is unique. WHOIS terms and conditions and works restrict the Onlive server’s domain registration process. The Onlive server can modify, add or delete the registration agreement at any time as per the client requirement or policy changed by WHOIS. Any type of revisions on the registration process becomes effective after 30 days of the notice. Clients can check the website domain registration process before the final commitment with the Onlive server. All their domain name service is controlled by ICANN.

Onlive Server Unique Service

  1. After accepting the Onlive server terms and conditions, clients can submit their original documents to the Onlive server to start the registration process.
  2. Onlive server charges the registration fees and renewal fees at the time of the initial registration process.
  3. All fees are non-refundable if your domain registration is postponed or canceled. It is the responsibility of the registrant to maintain all the original papers, including the fees payment method.
  4. The Onlive server can do special consideration regarding modify any fees or surcharges from the clients.
  5. If clients want to change the domain name, they can submit a special request to the Onlive server to change the domain name search policy for their benefit.
  6. Clients can buy domain privacy services from the Onlive server that is restricted by WHOIS guidelines. The Onlive server ensures the non-involvement of the third party regarding the domain privacy service. It is a top-secret between the Onlive e server and the clients.

Name Cheap Domain Registration

Suppose you want to get an easy domain management technology. In that case, name cheap is the best option for you. After purchase the domain name from the NameCheap Domain Name Registration registrar, you can head handle your NameCheap account panel and start using your domain.

NameCheap provides an easy setup web server for their users where users can get a free email address that is ready to use after the domain name registration process. It is also unique where client’s website users can directly get the URL link of the website on their social media page.

Reason for Choosing Name Cheap

  1. To check domain availability in NameCheap, it is time to boost your website with an advanced quality server. Customers can get 24 hours customer service from professional and knowledgeable experts of NameCheap domain registrar.
  2. NameCheap is the best option if you are worried about your website security at the time of the domain name registration process. It is their mission to keep the Internet free from hackers.
  3. NameCheap can provide every type of server supporting technology to its clients to boost their online business.
  4. Cheap charges a minimum price for their services.
  5. For .net registration, clients have to give 801/year.
  6. For com registration, clients have to pay 648/year.
  7. For the .org domain name, clients have to pay 670/year.
  8. Users can get a free domain name registration process with a web hosting package at an affordable rate that is Rs 1033/year. even users can get TLDs name for their website within this package. 20GBSSD includes in this web hosting plan.

These are the unique benefits of the NameCheap and Onlive server domain registration process. Users have to choose the plan according to their needs and requirements. Individual users need different plans as per their business strategy and techniques; thus, Onlive server and NameCheap are unique. You can choose the web hosting plan or domain name registration from any one of them.