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Choosing The Right Cloud VPS Hosting Plans for Business – Onlive Server

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What is a Cloud VPS? – Onlive Server

The VPS Server service uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users for your server. The Cloud VPS Server is an owner cloud computing or operating system solution based on KVM, Linux’s Virtual Machine. It provides scalable, all virtualized resources as a service, purchased on a utility basis. In other types, you pay for what you use.

Cloud VPS

What is a Cloud VPS Hosting?

A cloud hosting provider is a type of hosting service that is based on cloud computing. Cloud computing uses virtualization. And the Internet allows users to access their files from any computer connected to the Internet. It is different from web hosting, which relies on a centralized server for storage and processing power. Cloud providers are able to offer much more extensive services at a fraction of the cost of traditional servers. Because they use virtualization technologies.

Different between VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting

You can consider Cloud VPS or VPS, selecting the right web host provider is a critical option. It is the best choice of talk around cloud hosting or server. And much organization uses these terms interchangeably to consider both VPS Server and Cloud VPS. At a glance, both of these technologies may seem similar, but there is quite a difference between them.
Virtualization of a server the amount of space is flexible to a degree depending on the user’s subscription plan.
Virtualization makes it easier to move hosting between physical servers if better hardware is required. Its process can cause downtime since most of the time the host server has to be offline during the server upgrades process.

  • Cloud VPS doesn’t rely on physical hardware as much as a VPS does.
  • Multiple physical servers are always constantly in use under a cluster.
  • High availability benefits if a server fails in a cloud VPS hosted environment resulting in never downtime.
  • During the Upgrade process, your website can remain up and running since the servers are clustered.

Better Control and High Security

A VPS you are usually given root access to your virtual space with the ability to make changes as you feel a reasonable budget. Basically, your server can be maintained the way that you want in terms of operating system used, maintenance with high security. And customized tools. Since root-level access is allowed along with customized resources it is a very secure environment.

A cloud hosting environment is usually not an open resource. Your information is being replicated across multiple servers and the VPS Provider handles maintenance and services. Because the provider determines how they want to balance the server workload. And the user really has no idea where their information could be hosted at any point with high security & privacy.

Which Hosting to Choose? Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is generally efficient hosting since it is the better option of operating system resources for each user. So, if the requirement increases, the system would be able to handle the additional performance.

Are want reliability and powerful functionality? Then Cloud hosting is a better choice for your business. Cloud VPS environment, your website is hosted on a VPS Cloud Server of unified computing resources. This simply talks that if one server is reaching its optimum level. Then a second server is always ready to function. Accordingly, if a server or website fails. The website will still be running as other servers will continue to serve the incoming traffic on your server.

Best Facilities of Cloud VPS at Onlive Server

  • Highest Speed: A slow website is really frustrating reason for users. It can be so irritating that your customers and potential customers may completely ignore your site altogether and seek out your competitors. Who has faster websites solutions? You are likely never doing worry about the fastest speed on the Cloud Server Hosting. Because there are so many resources included in such an option. That your website or server is equipped to run quickly without ever lagging or slowing down.
  • Better Reliability: You can rest assured that your data will be securely stored on a Cloud VPS platform. Because your website’s data is typically stored on Clouds. If a particular system of yours is down guarantee, using Cloud VPS you can still access your files from any other system from anywhere.
Cloud VPS

Conclusion –

There are some main web servers provided by web hosting companies” Onlive Server”: Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated, and VPS. Onlive Server provides also offers the ability to choose servers based on location, VPS Server, dedicated server, Buy Windows VPS, etc., and approx 35 other countries.