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What is Windows VPS?

A VPS is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting provider. In contrast to a physical dedicated server, where you have to purchase, maintain and manage it yourself, with a buy Windows VPS you don’t need to worry about any of that – instead, you pay for just what you use. This makes them an ideal choice for smaller websites with little traffic, but who would otherwise be unable to afford their own servers. Onlive Server presents the best windows VPS hosting package of three great plans at super affordable prices in India and all over the world according to customer needs at very competitive rates. You can choose any of these Three Plans at our website or from the below table. Our windows hosting will help your business gain reliability and performance without sacrificing price: You get high-speed data transfer rates for your website, enough disk space for large file transfers such as images or videos, endless domain parking options – plus security features such as firewalls, daily backups and more – all packaged into one affordable plan.

With these three packages, we are certain you will find one that works best for your business model which scales with your budget so you can focus on growing your online presence rather than spending money on infrastructure expenses.

Why do you need a buy Windows VPS?

Onlive Server Offers a low-cost windows VPS Like physical computers, multiple virtual servers can run simultaneously on one physical server. A VPS provides more functionality than a shared hosting plan. It allows users to customize their operating system (OS) and application installation, gives more control over resource allocation, and makes it possible to install software that is not supported by the shared hosting environment. This way you get almost all benefits of dedicated servers with significantly less cost and administrative hassle than with a Dedicated Servers service. Because you have full root access to your virtual dedicated servers, you can easily customize its features according to your requirements with minimal effort. You are in total control of your virtual private server at any given moment without needing to seek any permissions or approvals from any other administrator. You decide whether to work on code, create websites, process images, or videos – Onlive Server will do its job without bothering you with additional questions and concerns. The entire process is completely automated and nearly transparent so that you can be sure all technical issues are under professional management. In addition, Onlive Server offers quality customer support at all times.

The Best Windows VPS Services

Windows VPS is the most famous type of hosting service. Advanced features like Premium Bandwidth, Daily Backup, and 99.9% Network Uptime make them unbeatable among all others. Windows VPS is suitable for both personal as well as business purposes. A common myth is that people do not realize that they will receive a dedicated IP address with windows VPS services. The difference between a dedicated server and a windows VPS is that you cannot use both at the same time, but in the case of windows VPS you can always cancel your service anytime on a Live support phone Number and get your money back if not satisfied with their services. A good reason to choose ONLIVE SERVER is its functionality and reliability that best serve you in a longer period of time, such as refund policy. One live server hosting provides 1 monthly money-back guarantee after 45 days from creating an order no matter what happened during these 45 days periods from the first sign-up date. Support staff replies very quickly which makes the client happy and available for any query without worrying about response delay. They also provide 24*7 online services via live chat or email which works fine with all kinds of issues related to web hosting services.

Choosing the best Windows VPS from Onlive Server?

Onlive Server’s Windows VPS hosting platform offers a rich-featured hosting service in which their Operating System is totally user-friendly and customizable. As we all know that, Onlive Server is going to offer full technical support with pre-installed software like FrontPage 2003, SQL 2005, etc. Moreover, they also accept PayPal as a valid mode of payment. However, there are some more features for you to choose like Virtualization Technology, Manual IP address setup, or Automatic IP configuration & free Domain Registration on request from $9/year at Onlive Server. VPS Cloud Server Furthermore, you can see a number of reasons why we recommend using technology along with three quality factors – Pre-configured Software & Features within Package Plans, Tech Support & Money Back Guarantee before making any decision in order to make the right choice.

How to choose the perfect Windows VPS hosting provider?

There are many options to choose from, but you’ll be happier with your decision if you take these key points into consideration.
Here’s a quick list of things to look for when choosing a host for your virtual server hosting:
• Reliability & Security: Regardless of whether it is a physical server or a virtual one, always make sure that your machine is on an enterprise-grade data center network and that backup power sources (UPS), generators, and cooling systems are in place at all times.
• Performance & Bandwidth: If there was ever something as critical as reliability and security, performance would be it! The OS platform you decide on may depend largely on bandwidth performance.

What are the benefits of Windows VPS?

  1. 100% customer satisfaction
  2. Trust-able Services
  3. Instant Reply
  4. CMS with the best Installation on
  5. Protection Guard
  6. Customization
  7. Unlimited Bandwidth
  8. Get Free One Domain