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Onlive Server Hosting Packages for Thailand

Onlive Server offers Thai VPS hosting packages for Thailand that are reliable, inexpensive, and powerful enough to meet the needs of almost any type of business. If you’re running a Thai-based business, then there’s a hosting package designed just for you—and it won’t even cost an arm and a leg! It works hard to maintain its competitive prices while still offering top-notch service that meets the needs of its customers in every way possible.

Thai VPS

What are the benefits of having a Thai VPS?

Thai VPS is a type of server that allows you to run your own website or application without having to deal with the hassle and cost of setting up your own physical server.

There are many benefits of using a VPS, including:

Virtual Private Servers

Some work with only one or two web hosts, while others have servers around in over 150 different locations. The more options you have, of course, the better your chances of finding a server nearby to speed up your website’s load times and decrease bandwidth costs. That’s why many new sites choose Thai VPS hosting from us, which offers 24/7 support and several reliable servers around in its home country. With multiple locations across Asia and Australia to choose from, It makes a great first stop for any site owner serious about improving their online presence. Get started today by checking out our promotional deals.

DDoS Protection

Even if you host with a provider that guarantees DDoS protection, additional layers of security are necessary to ensure your site’s uptime. A basic form of protection is a simple firewall; however, because these firewalls have trouble identifying false positives (non-malicious traffic mistaken as malicious), they might not be enough. We recommend hosting with an organization that provides multiple types of DDoS protection—for example, to give your site better odds against any type of attack. We go above and beyond in protecting our clients; our system automatically reroutes all IP addresses outside of Thailand.

Professional Level

These are available on both Debian and CentOS operating systems. In each package, you get unlimited bandwidth. A host of other useful features like free cPanel license, free installation of Apache HTTP server & MySQL database engine with unlimited space, webmail access, etc. You will also get tech support which is probably not offered by any other provider in Thailand. We’re planning to add more Thai VPS hosting packages to our current line-up in the coming months so stay tuned. Our goal is to give you complete flexibility when it comes to choosing your own hosting solution that best fits your needs.

Cheap Thai VPS Server

The most popular packages are our cheap Thai VPS server offering. We’ve had great success with our hosting packages in many different regions around Asia (and worldwide). Our high-quality web hosting services have allowed us to develop a network of local providers while giving us full control over which networks. We use it in each region. This gives you high availability in your location and excellent redundancy throughout Asia. In fact, we have servers available all across Asia—from Korea and Japan down to Singapore and Malaysia. Connections within these locations are very fast, giving you low latency to almost any website on earth even if you’re browsing from your mobile device.

Affordable Thai Linux VPS Plans

You will find a few different ways to get a hosting account with Onlive Server. The cheapest way is to use one of our monthly Thai Linux VPS plans. Each of these plans offers you a VPS server that you can use to host your websites and web applications. You will also get full access to our automated management panel. You can easily install scripts and software as well as monitor usage statistics and network information. In addition, all of our Thai Linux VPS plans come with free hosting which will automatically optimize your website performance. This makes it easier for your visitors to load pages faster on your site and makes it more likely that they’ll stay longer on each page.

Choose a unique domain name with Thai VPS

If you are looking to run your own Thai VPS server in Thailand, then you have a lot of hosting choices. These hosting companies will make sure that your websites can access by anyone, anytime from anywhere in Thailand with ease. It guarantees 99.9% uptime on all its hosting packages, so you can rest assured that your websites. With these Thai VPS servers. You do not need to maintain or upgrade any physical servers yourself; a reputed service provider does it for you. You only pay for what is actually utilized which saves up to 80% on costs.

Even if there’s an outage, you don’t need to worry as it offers automatic failover redundancy at no extra cost. If you are really wanting to strengthen the monetary condition of your company. Then you should make use of the best advantage of affordable Instant Domain Search. Which is present by Onlive Server which can come in your website search in Google quickly. This means even if one network fails, users’ sites won’t go down along with it because of site traffic. Gets diverted automatically onto another network without even needing user intervention. This helps prevent downtime caused due to failed networks and hardware failures thereby providing reliable high-availability services.

Conclusion: We offer a wide variety of VPS plans for you to choose from. Our VPS plans are affordable and perfect for those who want to get started with their own website but do not have the technical knowledge to set things up on their own. You can learn more about our VPS services by visiting our website or contacting us today.