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What is cPanel Hosting-

cPanel Hosting is usually provided by web hosting companies to allow their clients an easy-to-use control panel that allows them to manage their accounts on their own. With the cPanel, you can easily install content management systems, manage your databases, domain names, backups, emails, and many more

It is made up of two main parts, first, a user interface called cPanel, and second a server administration interface called Web Host Manager (WHM). This combination allows users to manage their websites and provides web servers with tools to manage the server. Both of which are available on SSH terminal or browser.

Their functions vary depending on what part of your site you wish to modify. If you want to manage your domain name, upload files, etc., then you need to use WHM while if you want to change something related to PHP, MySQL, etc., then you need cPanel access. Many advantages come along with using these advanced features such as increased security and higher performance.

Why Choose cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting gives you a full approach to your website. If you are using a CMS like WordPress to manage your site, you probably think you have full control, but in reality, you don’t. There are many features and settings that create your site more functional. For example, if your WordPress site’s admin panel won’t open, you can easily fix it using cPanel.

cPanel Hosting easy to use –

All in all, cPanel is so simple to use. It’s very user-friendly. Once you’ve got it up and running on your site, there really isn’t anything else to it. CPanel gives you everything that you need to get started in one convenient area where you can access them whenever necessary. Hosting companies around the world have their own hosting solutions. But cPanel Hosting used by Onlive Server is the fastest and most reliable hosting service available on the market today. CPanel Hosting offers blazing fast speeds, great security features, and complete control over your hosting accounts. To learn more about this service and to take advantage of its many benefits visit Onlive Server today!

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What are the Benefits of hosting with Onlive Server?

When you choose to host with us, you can rest assured that your data is protected. Our hosting solutions are backed by multiple layers of security including 24/7 monitoring by expert staff; fully monitored server uptime & fast response time; automatic daily backups on all hosting accounts; firewalls that block intruders and unwanted requests to your website. Our web hosting platform is equipped with numerous tools to ensure maximum reliability so you never have to worry about downtime or an interruption in service. In addition to our multiple layers of protection, we have a tech team ready to assist at any time if there’s a problem with your site. They will work closely with you until it’s resolved.

Features of cPanel Hosting-

cPanel Hosting from the Onlive server is an outstanding hosting control panel. It is easy to operate and navigate even for newbies. You will be able to install different kinds of open-source applications at a faster rate without encountering any issues or glitches. Thanks to its user-friendly interface. The cPanel features consist of Applications Installer, Reseller Tools, Secure Socket Layer Encryption, etc. Also, it has pre-installed software such as WordPress that can also be self-managed by users within a few simple clicks on our web hosting Control Panel platform. As well as Auto Installer tool which helps you in installing more than 200+ applications along with basic scripts.


cPanel hosting is one of the most used web host control panels that are very easy to use. Onlive Server provides all kinds of cPanel hosting services for your website such as WordPress Hosting, Linux Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, etc. Visit our site now to get more information about cPanel web hosting or Chat with us live From Your Computer 24×7.