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Affordable Linux Shared Hosting-

All hosting providers offer Linux Shared Hosting; however, not all hosts offer affordable Linux shared hosting plans.So you can host your website at prices that work with your budget. We have plans as low as per month to give you the most affordable Linux shared hosting service on the market today.

About Linux Shared Hosting-

As we all know, there are two types of hosting plans available for web hosting providers: Windows-based and Linux-based. The first One is, Windows-based it is a classic operating system that has been used for many years and it’s one of the easiest ways to host websites as well. The second one is, Linux-based it is more advanced, flexible, and highly secure as compared to Windows-based Hosting. Apart from those advantages that made a lot of users switch to Linux web hosting. Other perks such as cost-effectiveness should also be taken into consideration because prices are usually lower than their competitors.

Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting-

Linux is a robust, flexible, and cost-effective solution. For many small businesses with limited needs, it’s an excellent choice. It is perfect for both, experienced and beginners’ users. Unlike other alternatives, such as Windows hosting or shared web hosting, cloud hosting is more secure because there are no local servers storing your data. Your website files are stored on remote servers which gives a 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

Additionally, your site has access to raw power at all times. This way you can increase/decrease computing resources whenever necessary. As mentioned before, the main advantage of cloud technology is that companies do not need to invest in their own infrastructure; they simply use what is available through remote data centers (DCS). This approach makes running applications cheaper than using dedicated hardware or software that would otherwise have to be paid for by monthly service fees.

Optimally Designed Linux Shared Hosting-

Onlive Server is optimized for hosting websites and scripts. Our servers are also equipped with powerful enterprise-grade hardware that enables you to host numerous domain names on a single server. This means our Linux shared hosting service provides greater bandwidth and storage capacity while reducing costs. When you choose Onlive Server as your web host, we give you full control over your website. In addition, we offer an intuitive control panel that allows even novice users to customize their website exactly how they want it.

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An Ideal Option For-

We have the cheap and the best Linux shared hosting plans for everyone. Whether you’re a blogger or a small or medium-sized business owner, or have a simple website that doesn’t generate a lot of traffic. Or if you have a reduced budget. Our shared hosting plans have been designed to meet a wide range of hosting requirements and to meet various budget segments. Whatever your specific and unique hosting needs. Onlive Server offers you a plan that is perfectly suitable to your needs and budget.

  • Low Budget
  • Small & simple websites
  • Bloggers
  • Medium-Sized Business
  • Websites receiving minimal traffic

Nowadays, you can find some amazing deals on Linux hosting or Cloud VPS Hosting. In fact, you can buy an all-inclusive package at a modest cost per month. You’ll have your own space on a shared server and regular maintenance by your hosting provider. So that you don’t have to worry about any of that technical stuff. You’ll even get freebies like free domain registration, unlimited email accounts and backups of your data automatically saved to multiple servers in case something goes wrong with one of them, your data will safe.