USA Dedicated Server from Onlive Server Increase Your Reliability and Avoid Downtime


Onlive Server offers USA Dedicated server managed by the most renowned engineers and technicians on the market. The data center we used to host our servers is in an area dedicated to high-performance computing (HPC) sites, which ensures optimal performance. The servers are monitored 24/7 by means of continuous automatic testing that let us ensure reliable operation at all times.

About USA Dedicated Server

We offer high-performance dedicated servers, especially for businesses that require reliable hosting with high uptime and security. Our Dedicated Servers are perfect for businesses that need to run their server 24/7, 365 days a year.

Unlike shared hosting, with a dedicated server, you can install any program or software you want and run it without having to worry about affecting other customers’ sites or having your website down due to an error on your part. You will also be able to configure your own environment and add additional RAM, hard drives and other resources as needed. We offer both VPS (Virtual Private Server) Dedicated Servers and Full Dedicated Servers so you have options available depending on your needs.

Our Dedicated Servers are powered by Tier1 Network which means we have the highest quality network infrastructure available in the industry today! This means faster response times for our customers when they log into their websites and applications.

Benefits Of Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are the best option for sites that need fast and high-performance hosting, whether it’s for a large company or a small business website. Dedicated servers are also ideal for websites that rely on high-bandwidth connections because they have more RAM and CPU power available than shared hosting providers.  It would allow you to upload at once without affecting other users’ loading times.

As well as having extra resources available to use, dedicated servers also provide additional security features like custom IP addresses and SSL certificates (HTTPS). You can easily access these features via their management panel which makes them easy to use even if you’re not an expert in web development.

Features Of Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the best ways to get your website online quickly and at a low cost. It provides you with complete control over your web hosting, which allows you to run it in the way that suits your business. With a dedicated server, you can also choose to run multiple websites on the same server, making your hosting more efficient.

Why Choose US?

We provide a reliable and secure hosting environment that is completely managed by our experts. Our servers are built to last and backed with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that your site will always be up and running.

Our 24/7 customer support team can help with any issues you encounter when using our services, including setup and configuration issues, hardware and software upgrades, security patches, and more.

High Performance

Our team is highly experienced in providing the Best USA Dedicated server. We have been offering our services for many years now, and we have gathered a lot of experience in this field. Our dedicated server solutions are designed to increase the reliability of your website and ensure that it remains online at all times. Our services are also designed to reduce the time taken by your site to load, as well as reduce the amount of bandwidth required by your users. Other benefits include increased security for your data, allowing you to protect yourself from hackers who might try to steal information from your website.

24/7 Technical Support

We have a team of technical experts who are well-versed with latest technologies as well as programming languages like PHP, Python, Java etc. They can provide you with customized software solutions according to your requirements. If you want us to customize your website or software application then we will do it for you at affordable prices. Our technical support team is available 24/7 all around the year so that you don’t have to worry about any downtime in your website or application development process.


Depending on your website, you need to be able to provide a stable environment for your users. Your online business is dependent on the performance of its pages and services. But, if your server goes down or has performance issues, it can affect the user experience, which may result in losses for your business.

Onlive Server offers you a dedicated server that is backed by 24/7 support. You will know whenever there is an issue with our servers; we will provide you with a notification email or phone call. We also have access to live chat and email support during working hours so that we can help you resolve any issues as soon as possible.

High Bandwidth

Dedicated servers are an excellent way to increase your reliability and avoid downtime. We offer high bandwidth servers for your website or application. Our servers have a lot of memory, CPU and hard drive space. You can enjoy the benefits of blazing fast website hosting with no traffic limits on our dedicated servers.

We offer a variety of server packages that allow you to choose from multiple locations around the world, so you can select the most suitable server location based on the needs of your business.

In addition to high bandwidth, our dedicated servers are also equipped with powerful processors and RAM memory capacity, which helps to ensure that your website loads quickly even under heavy loads.


In conclusion, we can say that Onlive Server is a reliable company and has great customer support. We have tested their servers with all types of applications and they deliver high performance. In addition, the prices are very affordable and the quality of service is excellent. The only thing we would like to mention is that you should contact them in advance to reserve your server for better availability.