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Perfect Solution for Online Business with Canada Dedicated Server – Onlive Server

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Perfect Solution for Online Business with Canada Dedicated Server – Onlive Server

Onlive Server offers Canada Dedicated Server that may be utilized for various tasks, such as gaming, streaming, and cloud computing. This dedicated server offers first-rate service at a reasonable price. You can take advantage of this to maximize the performance of your games. You can host your website or blog on this server with the best speed and stability.

A Canada Dedicated Server is the best hosting choice for your business. From Dedicated Server, you may purchase a powerful server with unlimited disc space, bandwidth, and email addresses. You can host your website on this server and immediately connect it to the rest of the world. Instead, you will have complete control over your server, which is always available.

Why do you need a Dedicated Server?

For individuals who require a dedicated server for their business, Onlive Server’s dedicated server hosting is the best option. This hosting is ideal for companies with several database applications and busy websites where system stability and performance must be guaranteed. Onlive Server dedicated server hosting can save time and money while receiving top-notch support for your website and database applications. Canada Dedicated Server are reasonably priced is another factor in their popularity.

  • The most excellent option for an internet company in Canada is a dedicated server located in Canada. The safest data centers in Canada are where our servers are housed. This allows you to connect to your website quickly and with good performance.
  • We employ SSD discs, which give you quick bootup and resource allocation times. Your websites will be safe from potential threats or cyberattacks because our data centers are in the safest areas.
  • • Your website will function smoothly and effectively on our dedicated servers because they have all the newest hardware and software features. No one can see your information when they visit your site because we have SSL certifications.
  • Our dedicated server packages include round-the-clock technical assistance from our helpful team, ensuring that everything operates as expected every hour of the day and night.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

High Speed

Speed should be one of your key considerations when selecting a dedicated server. A good dedicated server constantly assesses its speed potential. The CMS software required for your website must also be able to run on it. Customers visiting your competitors’ websites will become irritated by a slow website. To ensure your website loads quickly, pick a dedicated server compatible with the CMS you plan to use.

Full Root Access

On devoted servers, complete root access is available. Installing an admin account will give it full access to your server. You have total control over the server’s parameters with a dedicated server. Third-party applications and new software can be installed via this; if necessary, you can transfer your website to a different host. It’s essential to take into account all of the advantages that dedicated servers have to offer. Choosing an excellent server with the proper feature-to-price ratio is simple.

Total Command

When you use a dedicated server, you have total control over a shared server’s hardware, software, and features. High-end websites work best with this kind of server. A dedicated server will provide the best speed and support for your website.

Complete Defense

Greater security is possible with dedicated servers. Their malware defense is more effective thanks to firewalls and security monitoring. You can maintain the same degree of control while taking advantage of all the benefits of a dedicated server, thanks to the managed dedicated servers that certain reliable server providers offer.

High Performance

Exceptional Performance Dedicated Servers provide your website with high performance. Additionally, they might offer top-notch security and assistance for your website. Also available as options for Canada Dedicated Server Hosting.

High Traffic

It would be best to consider obtaining dedicated servers because it necessitates a secure server. In contrast to shared servers, dedicated servers are created to fulfill the specific demands of your business. A dedicated server won’t crash and will have the capacity to handle all the traffic, even during times of high traffic. This is crucial for companies whose performance and level of customer satisfaction depend on their online capabilities. Instead, these dedicated servers are excellent for businesses that want the highest performance and mail security.

Our Features

  • SSD Storage
  • Fully Managed & Professional Support Team Available 24/7/365
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee on Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • Unlimited Root Access
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • DDoS Protection


One of the most reputable and skilled Canada Dedicated Hosting providers is Onlive Server. Using dedicated server (Dedicated), VPS, and cloud hosting, we offer quick, safe, and optimized hosting solutions for eCommerce, streaming, and gaming websites in Canada. Our dedicated facilities are constructed with the newest technologies. To ensure your server runs effectively around the clock. We provide fully managed dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and cloud services for any organization.