Get Best Singapore Dedicated Server at an Affordable Price


We offer a fully redundant, high-performance, secure server for your business. Our servers are designed and configured by our expert team of IT professionals who understand the needs of our clients. We offer the best Singapore Dedicated Server at the lowest price with all flexible facilities.

We have vast experience providing a wide range of dedicated servers to our clients from different industries like e-commerce, gaming, media streaming, cloud computing etc. We also offer regular maintenance services for our clients so that they can continue using our servers for a long time.

Our dedicated servers come with a preinstalled operating system, making it easy to start your business or website. You can customize it according to your requirement and start using it immediately after installation. Our experienced support team will be happy to assist you on any occasion if there is any problem while installing or starting up your business or website with us.

A Dedicated Server is an individual server dedicated to your website needs. The server can be used in hosting your websites and web applications in a secure environment, with the highest level of security and reliability, and at a very affordable price.

The Dedicated Server will provide you with all the benefits of a standard hosting plan without any disadvantages. You will enjoy high-speed connectivity, stability, reliability, and uptime typical of shared hosting plans at prices far lower than most shared hosting plans.

Our Singapore Dedicated Server will offer you:

High-Speed Connectivity: Our Singapore Dedicated Server has a 1Gbps Transfer Speed which is more than enough to handle even heavy traffic loads.

High Security: We use industry-standard encryption technology like 256-bit SSL to protect your data from unauthorized access by hackers or malware programs.

Reliability: Our Singapore Dedicated Servers are backed by multiple redundant data centres across the globe. Hence, there is no chance of downtime or outages due to network issues or power surges.

How our system works

We provide a dedicated server in Singapore with all the latest and fastest technologies. This is possible because we have our own data centre and network in Singapore. We know how important it is to have a stable connection while playing games, surfing the internet and sending emails. That’s why we offer you a dedicated server with 1Gbps bandwidth and high-end hardware, ensuring that your connection will be quick and stable.

Our system works so that you only have to choose the amount of RAM and storage space you want, after which we will provide you with a solution that best suits your needs. You can also add additional features such as anti-DDoS protection, email accounts, VPN access or unlimited bandwidth for an additional fee.

Why Do You Need a Cheap Dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a type of server that is configured to run a single application. The dedicated server offers more control, faster response time and better performance than shared hosting. It can be used for any business or website, from small to large enterprise companies.

Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses that need high-performance servers with no downtime. They also offer security features such as firewall protection and intrusion detection systems (IDSs). Because of these features, dedicated servers are suited for companies that deal with sensitive data, including banks and government agencies.

Dedicated Server Benefits

24x7x365 Support – We offer you the highest level of support and services to ensure that your server is always working optimally.

High Performance – We have a team of experts who are well versed with the latest technology and hardware to ensure that you get the best performance out of your server.

Data Security – All our servers are managed by professionals dedicated to providing you with a secure environment for your data.

Dedicated IP Address – Our dedicated servers are provided with an IP address that is not shared with other websites or users from different countries.

High-performance Intel Xeon CPU

The high-speed memory technology allows you to scale your server with minimal impact on application performance. The Intel Xeon processors offer the highest performance and reliability. These processors are designed and tested to deliver maximum performance for your business.

High-speed storage

The disk subsystems are highly reliable and support the latest SATA or SAS interface. The RAID levels protect against data loss or corruption. We also offer redundant power supply units, which ensure that the server will be up and running even if one of them fails.

Industry-leading hardware design

Our professional engineers carefully plan, test and optimize the hardware design to provide you with a reliable service at competitive prices.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is available 24/7/365 to answer any queries regarding our products. We have complete knowledge to help you with any issues you might face with your server.

We offer free thirty minutes of phone support to all our clients looking for help during or after installation. We also provide free email support to all our clients who want to check if their server has been installed correctly or if they need additional assistance.

Better Bandwidth

Our Singapore Dedicated Hosting is designed to deliver excellent performance, so we have included dedicated CPU and Memory resources. This ensures that your site will run smoothly and efficiently without needing heavy processing power or memory.


This is the best way to host your site—our Singapore Dedicated Server at the lowest price with all flexible facilities. We provide hosting services with high speed and high security. You can host awe and solve it immediately.